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"Amazing customer service and fast response."

Outbuilt – Owner, Auth.gg

"Big Vouch for X PayPal Service, They work awesome."

Cups – Owner, Axenta.co

"Got a PayPal, waited less than 24h and account is beast! Everything is organized as well!"

Jaruk – Owner, jewhub.io


Popular Questions

Do you provide any warranty?

If something happens to your account, which is not our fault ( scroll down. ), we will just help you
to fix it, we won’t replace your account under any circumstances – Why?
We are providing USA PayPal account, which should have: Bank, Phone, Email, SSN and EIN linked, that’s guaranteed of our side.
We will be responsible for any issues like – Bank not being linked, SSN, EIN etc..

We will:
– Attempt to lift the limitation, although there will be no replacement upon failure. ( We don’t give docs upfront, only incase of limitation. )
– Provide support, methods how to bypass phone verification bug, etc.

We won’t:
– Provide any replacements, unless the PayPal was faulty, ex. reused info by any chance.
– Be responsible if you will fail to pay your VPS bill, although we remind everyone day before termination, if we can.. INFO: If you changed your nickname on discord/telegram, we will be unable to.
– Cover any losses, ex. balance – You can always recover it after 180days.

Custom Requests F.A.Q:
– If you need a custom request done on your account, please ask before buying/right after, to prevent any issues.
– If you need an EBay Account, please tell us, that you need a standard mail – .gmail.com, .yahoo.com – etc.

RDP is just an extra to our service – to prevent any issues, SO:

By using our RDPs, you won’t:

Minecraft Servers, Teamspeak servers, botnet(stresser websites apply too), HYIP websites (Ex. popular gainsystems), Fake Replicas websites, Scam sites – ex. Shoppy. (IF WE WILL SEE THAT YOU’RE A CONFIRMED SCAMMER, WE CAN SUSPEND YOUR RDP & PAYPAL.)

Port Scan, Spoof IP, perform DoS attacks,

Can I link EBay to those accounts?

Yes, you can, just after ordering – tell us that you want a normal mail, ex. outlook.

What do you offer to prevent a limitation(s) on PayPal?

After buying any of our accounts you will receive quick-start guide, dedicated support, and documents incase of limitation. We will also ask you sometimes if you are having any issues with PayPal, if yes – We will do our best to fix it.

Is there any limit of volume on the acc?

Nope, unlike EU(EUROPE) accounts, US accounts doesn’t have any limits, ex – $2.5k and then you get limited – that doesn’t exist on USA accounts. About volume of sales – I’ve been personally accepting $300-$350 daily for 30days straight and nothing happened.

How long do I have to wait for delivery?

We will deliver your account within 72h, delivery is usually around 32hours, although if something really bad happens, it can be more than 72h – then we will upgrade you for free, for example – from personal account to corporate, from corporate to mega.

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